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Our Journey

Auto Glass Hollywood was established in 2005. We’ve been in business for over 15 years, and for the span of those 15 great years we were given the opportunity to grow as a company, and devote our fullest to serving the good people of the Los Angeles County. As a business, we’ve made it a mission and vision of ours to be the number one service provider for the Los Angeles County’s needs in auto glass repair and replacement.

Our company had its humble beginnings in the city of Hollywood in the Los Angeles area, helping drivers who had experienced accidents and car owners who had been victimized by thieves and petty criminals. From there, we worked our way up, developing and using our skills to serve the greater Los Angeles community. We’re thankful and greatly humbled that today, we are well-known in the LA community for our quick, fair-priced and quality services.

Our Mission

Here at Auto Glass Hollywood, we aim for excellent customer satisfaction every time our clients need and ask for our services. You can rest assured that whatever auto glass repair and replacement needs in the Los Angeles County you may have, Auto Glass Hollywood is there to give you exactly what you need and deserve:  swift and impressive workmanship at affordable rates. We believe in providing nothing less than high-class auto glass repair and replacement services.

 About the Business Owner

Auto Glass Hollywood has been owned by Daniel Fernandez and family for more than 15 years. Danny, as he is known by his clients, is an expert in the automotive glass industry thanks to his extensive experience and commitment to his work and the auto glass repair industry.  Danny believes in prompt, reasonably-priced and expert services and workmanship. Get in touch with Danny for more inquiries by e-mailing:

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